Anh Khoa

Anh Khoa is the only one well-known Vietnamese singer who had settled in Eastern Europe, Hungary since 1989. Too many newspapers spread the news about his marriage to Hungarian young lady Iren Karsai, daughter of a high-ranking diplomat. They met each other in Saigon.

Anh Khoa (birth name Tran Cong Khai) was born in Phan Thiet city on 20th May 1948. At age 12 he was nominated for the national contest (AP CHIEN LUOC) at Quoc Thanh theatre in Saigon. Anh Khoa won the first prize with the song “Neu Mot Mai Anh Biet Kinh Ky”. Jo Marcel, manager of Ritz night club paid attention to him in 1969 and encouraged him to make first steps to the professional music. Anh Khoa’s voice brightly sparkled among male singers and he became the idol of the audience. He had many concerts, radio-, TV-, tape recordings. “Bai Khong Ten” song-cycle by Vu Thanh An in Anh Khoa’s highly professional romantic presentation made him unforgetable.

Anh Khoa flew to United States in September and October 1994. He met many old singer friends and beloved audience who missed his voice and concerts for so long time. So his fans organized one Evening Show for Anh Khoa in Diamond night club (Orange County, CA) with great success. He partly helped his brothers and sisters in Phan Thiet with this benefit show.

Since 1990 many artistic companies and productions abroad, for example Thuy Nga, Giang Ngoc, Nguoi Dep Binh Duong, Tinh Nho, Miss VN-USA, Nhat Truong, Rainbow, Tu Quynh, Mua Hong and others had been inviting Anh Khoa to perform and record for them. From summer 2005 Anh Khoa is the constant guest of ASIA Production. Anh Khoa is performing in USA (California, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Georgia, Louisiana), Australia (Melbourne, Sidney, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane), Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Vietnam. After the tours he comes back to Budapest and stays quietly with his family.

Anh Khoa keeps in his memory that wonderful time working together with his manager Jo Marcel, shows “Hippies a GoGo” of Truong Ky at Ritz night club and too many more souvenirs of Saigon.